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TRANSITION of Pediatric Liver Transplant Patients to Adult Care: a Review
Dynamics of Systemic Inflammation as a Function of Developmental Stage in Pediatric Acute Liver Failure
Acute Hepatitis and Pancytopenia in a Child With Chronic Abuse of Senna
Serum vitamin D and vitamin-D-binding protein levels in children with chronic hepatitis B
Role of primary prophylaxis in preventing variceal bleeding in children with gastroesophageal varices
Autoimmune Hepatitis: Predictors of Native Liver Survival in Children and Adolescents
Cholestasis: Report of 2 Cases and Review of the Literature
Band ligation versus sham or no intervention for primary prophylaxis of oesophageal variceal bleeding in children and...
Dietary patterns and risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Specific healthcare responsibilities and perceived transition readiness among adolescent solid organ transplant recipients:...
Changes in Liver Enzymes and Metabolic Profile in Adolescents with Fatty Liver following Exercise Interventions
Hepatic steatosis is negatively associated with bone mineral density in children


Early Motor Repertoire in Infants with Biliary Atresia: A Nationwide Prospective Cohort Study
Dairy Fat Intake, Plasma C15: 0 and Plasma Iso-C17: 0 are Inversely Associated with Liver Fat in Children
Surgical shunts for extrahepatic portal vein obstruction in pediatric patients: a systematic review
Progress and Barriers Towards Elimination of Chronic Hepatitis C in Children
Incidence of Depression and Anxiety in a Cohort of Adolescents with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Cholestasis as a dominating symptom of patients with CYP27A1 mutations
Management of Hepatitis-B Virus Infection in Immunocompromised Children
To Juice or Not to Juice: Fatty Liver Repercussions for Infants
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