CLF announces winners of recipe competition on diet for Wilson Disease Patients

CLF thanks all the participants for the heartening response towards the recipe competition on the diet for Wilson Disease patients. All the recipes were good, making it difficult to select the best three. Based on innovation and nutrition, following recipes are selected as winners of competition. We are thankful to Ms. Suvarna Sawant (Dietitian, Jaslok Hospital) for screening the recipes.
First prize:          Moong dal dahi vada (Green/golden gram balls with yogurt)             by Chiranjeev Shah 
Second prize:    Egg dosa (Pancake made of rice, blackgram, fenugreek and egg)    by R. Balasubramanian
Third prize:        Moong dal puranpoli (Sweet flat bread of green/golden gram)           by Sanjeevani Patwardhan
Winners will receive: Rs 5,000/- (first prize), Rs 3,000/- (second prize) and Rs 2,000/- (third prize).
Congratulations to all the winners. Other recipes received.
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