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India will continue to get financial assistance from Gavi, a global alliance for vaccination and immunisation, only till 2020 because as the country develops it will have to pay for its vaccines.

Switzerland-based Gavi is on a drive to increase its global immunisation programme in which India has been an important partner.

"India is getting to a point where it will enter the period of graduating from Gavi's support, probably in 2016," Gavi Chief Executive Officer Seth Berkley told PTI.

FDA and EMA Join Forces on Treatment of Gaucher Disease in Children

FDA and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) released a draft joint proposal to facilitate research in the development of new drugs to treat Gaucher disease in children. The proposal, the result of consultation with various groups of stakeholders, facilitates an agreement between an FDA Pediatric Study Plan and an EMA Paediatric Investigation Plan and addresses the development of drugs for rare diseases in a reduced timeframe in a limited number of patients.

KOLKATA: Kids, beware. The next time you gorge on junk food, keep in mind that those burgers and rolls are pushing you to a point of no return.
According to a study conducted by Diabetes Awareness and You (DAY) - a platform of clinical specialists - children in the city now have a weaker liver and are more prone to diseases than they were 15 years ago. An alarming 12-15% of kids and adolescents between 12 and 16 years of age suffer from fatty liver. It can eventually lead to more serious and life-threatening ailments like cirrhosis and liver cancer. While fat-rich food and a sedentary lifestyle are being blamed for the threat, doctors warn that liver diseases could be the second most common ailment in the city, after fdiabetes, in another 15 years.

Our vitamin D needs are met from the nutrients we consume and a hormone produced in the body. A new study says that a low status of vitamin D triggers non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in children.


Researchers at the King's College Hospital Paediatric Liver Centre in collaboration with University of Surrey's School of Biosciences and Medicine investigated the link between low level of Vitamin D and non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in the U.K. children and found a genetic variant associated with the severity of the disease.

For this study, the researchers analysed the medical records of over 120 paediatric patients with NAFLD. 


American Hepatitis C drug on the market in September

Dr. Wahid Doss, head of the National Institute for Liver Diseases, said on Monday said the Health Ministry and the registry of the Central Administration of Pharmaceuticals met to complete the registration of the American Hepatitis C drug.

He added that the ministry is buying the drug at 1 percent of its global price.


“Registration will be completed within two months, the fastest period in the history of drug registration in Egypt,” he said. “It will be available on the market in September.”


Enzyme therapy proves effective in treating LSDs, whilst gene therapy is an upcoming contender.

Lysosomes are membrane-bound organelles found in most animal cells. They are responsible for treating cellular waste. Genetic mutations in lysosomal enzymes lead to lysosome malfunction and waste accumulation. And this leads to a whole range of complex metabolic disorders, collectively called Lysosomal Storage Diseases (LSD). There are two kinds of LDSs: those that affect the brain (neuropathic) and those that do not (non-neuropathic). The EU-funded EUCLYD project, completed in 2011, studied four non-neuropathic LSDs out of the 50 currently known. These were Gaucher disease, Pompe disease, the mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) VI and the multiple sulfatase deficiency.

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