Acute Hepatitis and prolonged fever – How far do we go?

Ascites and Hypoxia

HBsAg positive - what next?

Hepatomegaly and seizures

Hepatomegaly, diarrhea and failure to thrive - lesson of a life time

Incidentally picked up SOL in the liver

Indirect hyperbilirubinemia at birth - Is it all physiological?

Infantile diarrhea and splenomegaly - the missing link?

Liver failure in a neonate

Neonatal cholestasis: What next?

Not to miss this PUO!!

One year old with persistent coagulopathy

Recurrent jaundice in the family

Recurrent Vomiting…

Renal Stones - Is the liver the culprit?

Rickets and liver disease

Splenohepatomegaly- How do we approach?

Thalassemia Major with Hepatitis C – A double whammy...

CLF Intro movie

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