Arch Pediatr. 2021 Apr 26;S0929-693X(21)00064-6.
doi: 10.1016/j.arcped.2021.04.001.Online ahead of print.

Hepatic hydrothorax in a child and its management

L Morin 1, S Branchereau 2, D Habes 3, S Franchi-Abella 4, E Gonzales 3

Hepatic hydrothorax is a rare complication of portal hypertension. The optimal treatment for this condition is liver transplantation. Liver transplantation is significantly more manageable in children who weigh more than 8 kg. Here, an implantable pleural access device was used in a 5-month-old infant for painless iterative punctures to relieve respiratory symptoms, while waiting for liver transplantation and the patient's growth. The patient underwent successful transplantation 3 months later with a more optimal weight.

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