Alpa Sheth is a structural engineer. She is a senior partner of VAKIL MEHTA SHETH and Managing Director VMS Consultant Pvt. Ltd, a  firm in structural engineering consultancy. She has been advising various high level government authorties on seismic safety issues and conducted studies of various earthquake events in India, to suggest disaster mitigation measures. She currently act as Seismic Advisor/Consultant to Gujarat State Disaster Management   Authority (GSDMA) . She has won many national awards among which Best Residential Property Award(2007) from CNBC Awaaz Crisil RE Award  andthe “Outstanding Concrete Structures Award” (1999-2000) from the Indian Concrete Institute .She has been actively involved in various social support projects and is Co-founder of “Structural Engineering Forum of India -SEFI” ( involving more than 17,500 engineers across India. Alpa is a nature enthusiast and is a very avid birder.

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